Your Garden and Adapting to Children and Teens

Children have different needs at different stages as they grow. Regardless of the age of your children getting them to really enjoy being at home can take more than a little effort. Evaluate your family needs and then put your creativity to work and see what develops.Your family will all enjoy the activity of birds as they come to your yard or home to feed. Hanging hummingbird feeders and putting other bird feeders will fascinate any some but if your children are currently tuned into the tv or video games you will probably need more excitement than hummingbird feeders.Some of the general needs of children of differing ages:* Younger children need room to run and play, make lots of noise and messes. They will enjoy things like birdhouses and hummingbird feeders decorating the yard.* Teens are more social. They are trying out their social skills and need the safety to do that in a place where they have some latitude for activities and just somewhere comfortable to hang out. Teens have very little interest in hummingbird feeders or any other garden decor unless it seats their friends.* Young adults, college students who may still be at home or come home for the summer and holidays want the run of the family room and outdoor spaces as long as they can pretty much do what they want. College student ages will be a little more interested in the yard decor such as hummingbird feeders and garden statues if it lifts the garden’s appearance in the eyes of their friends.* Everyone regardless of their age wants safety and rules, even though they say they don’t. A fence of guidance from parents, the owners of the home, will actually be welcome and give a greater sense of security to everyone involved. Not to mention it will protect hummingbird feeders and other garden decor from getting destroyed.Your family may have small children and they have different needs in a back yard space. Of course you will need to have some sort of play structure, a swing set was all we had when I was a child but now the play structures can be a place for all sorts of childish imaginative play and not just swinging. a child can be a pirate or a knight, an astronaut or a mountain climber. But for the most part children need somethings to climb on, a place to run free, places to hide and somewhere to swing. Hummingbird feeders can be most interesting to this age group since hummingbirds are pretty magical creatures.Whether you hang hummingbird feeders or windchimes in an area for teens is doubtful since you will have teens that are looking for a place where the family room can extend into the back yard give them more places to entertain their friends. A home that provides young people with a place to hang out is more likely to actually have teens bring their friends to their place instead of always wanting to be some where else. Heaven only knows where that place might be, so give them a cozy semi-private place to go.A backyard fire pit may provide you with just the answer. A few comfortable chairs and a nice stack of wood to burn will give them a place to sit and visit. It can be an area on the side of your home where kids may feel that they have a little more privacy but where you can still keep parental eyes and ears alert for trouble. Beautiful hummingbird feeders or windchimes that catch the firelight might be welcome in such an area. During the day hummingbird feeders would be frequently visited and windchimes catch the breezes and at night they flash and sparkle.